Construction Cleaning


With all the different projects and activities going on at the same time on a construction site, things are obviously going to get messy. Construction sites are often left in extremely dusty and dirty conditions, which is simply the nature of the job. Safety and cleanliness are of utmost importance in this type of high-energy environment, which makes our job vital in ensuring the site ends up in the best shape that it can be.

Looking at a construction site or watching builders renovate a home can be overwhelming when you think of the clean up phase, but you can leave all that up to us and forget about the related stress.

Cleaning up construction sites isn’t just about cleaning dusty surfaces; you have to possess a specific type of knowledge in order to perform a proper and thorough clean up. For example, how can you clean windows that are covered in cement and plaster? That’s where our experienced and skilled team comes in. Equipped with the best cleaning tools and solutions, Clean Clear Sydney provides the following cleaning services for construction sites which include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction Cleans
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Initial Cleans
  • Initial Builders Cleans
  • Staged Builders Cleans
  • Final Builders Cleans
  • Post Renovation Cleans